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Privacy Policy

We take data protection very seriously at OS. Here's how we handle your information.

Last updated: January 2024

This page is our Privacy Policy

A Privacy Policy tells you how we use your personal data, so you know what happens with it when you or other people give it to us. Personal data is any data that can identify you, either on its own or used with other data.

This Privacy Policy will help you understand your privacy rights, how and why we need to process your personal data, and how you can get in touch with us if you need to.

Processing personal data involves any activity to do with that data, for example collection, storage, editing and deletion.

This Privacy Policy also applies to children’s personal data that we may collect and use to assist with a service provided by us. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy we view a “child” to be any user who is 18 or under.

We have presented this information in different sections so you can access the information you need more easily.

Who we are

This Privacy Policy applies to Ordnance Survey Limited, and its group of companies which comprise Ordnance Survey Leisure Limited and Ordnance Survey International Services Limited located in the United Kingdom. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, Ordnance Survey and its Group of Companies will be referred to as we, us, our.

More information on Ordnance Survey and who we are can be found here.

Personal data? What is that?

Anything that can identify you is your personal data. This could be things like your name, age, or a photo of you, but it is also things like your email address, where you live, or your online gamertag.

There are some types of data we must be particularly careful with, known as special category data. This could be an illness you have, or your religious beliefs.

Sometimes we have to share personal data with the police to assist with their investigations.

Privacy and data protection laws

We are committed to complying with privacy and data protection laws in all countries in which we operate, to the extent that such laws are applicable to us.

We operate different websites, Apps (web and mobile) and an online retail shop (together referred to as the OS Sites and/or Services).

If you are accessing our OS Sites and/or Services from a location outside of the UK or the European Economic Area (the "EEA"), please refer to the section "Additional information for international users (outside of the UK or EEA)" at the end of this Privacy Policy for important additional information.