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Education resources

Bring your geography classes to life.

From the age of five to 19, we have a broad range of resources available to help you teach and meet the national geography curriculum. This includes resources to help with map reading, including a range of paper maps, online maps and geographical information systems. There are also geography resources for teachers available from our education partners.

Our resources

Free resources for teachers

Look through these resources and help your class get to grips with map reading and geographical analysis.

GIS for schools

Your students need to get to grips with online maps and geographical information systems (GIS) as learning tools. See the resources on offer.

Get more resources

A round-up of geography resources for teachers available from our partners.


Check out our full range of paper maps, including wall maps for your classroom and maps which can be centred on your school.

Doctoral and post-doctoral research

Find out how we collaborate with university researchers and studentships.

Higher education research

Using OS data in education and research

Schools, colleges and universities can make sure they're licensed to use OS data.

Licensing OS data