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OS Licensed Partners help provide geospatial solutions for businesses across a variety of sectors

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Ordnance Survey's commercial network of over 2,000 Partners can help you with bespoke location solutions, derived from OS data

Ranging from global giants to single entrepreneurs, our Partners all use our location data to create innovative products and services. Their expertise ensures customers can benefit from using our data for a range of services such as locating new areas to build stores, accurately routing home delivery vans or to identifying areas of flood risk. Whether you’re a geospatial expert or new to the field, get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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"Ordnance Survey’s upgrades and accessibility to their data has perfectly coincided with what’s going on in the market."

Tim Hopkin | The Land App

How Partners have helped businesses like yours

Land and property sector 1000x1000

Land and property

Use Ordnance Survey geospatial data to map, manage, and monitor land and property

Manage assets and risk

OS property mapping data gives you detailed information about every address in your portfolio. From exact location to size, type, and property boundaries.

Analyse potential new sites

Carry out land mapping analysis on potential development sites. Find prospective sites your competitors may not have identified.

Clarify addressing queries

Accurate GIS property mapping data can help you clarify individual address and boundary queries raised in property searches.

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Transport sector 1000x1000

Transport and mobility

Easily schedule utility street works and manage logistic operations with our up-to-date, accurate location information

Optimise logistical planning

Our data gives you confidence in sending your drivers to the correct address. Know roads inside out to reduce delivery times and increase delivery rates. 

Plan street works efficiently

Know every detail about a road including road markings, drainage systems, and bus stops. With OS data you can plan exactly where to work, minimising errors and public disruption. 

Automate business processes

End-to-end production of traffic management plans can now be fully automated, adhere to industry regulations, and be presented in one format accessible to all stakeholders.

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Financial sector 1000x1000

Financial services

Use Ordnance Survey data to improve your service as insurers or money lenders. Underwrite and price more accurately, reduce claims, and identify risk

Identify flood risk properties

Map flood risk and underwrite policies with geospatial data that’s accurate to an individual property level. 

Detect fraud quickly

See insurance claim hotspots so that you can identify fraudulent applications with financial mapping. Our addressing data helps you mitigate risk and realise how it will impact on valuation.

Manage mortgage risk

Minimise risk and prevent mortgage fraud by better understanding the geography around a property. 

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OS has a network of over
Partners across a range of markets
Our number of Partners has increased
since 2020/21
Partners can provide you with over
OS Premium Data products

Using OS data

  • Explore sample data

    Sample a selection of OS Premium Data products to check what's right for your business, and start building your own location-based solutions.

  • OS for Developers

    A hub for developers looking to integrate OS geospatial data. Discover products, APIs, price plans and more.

Get a bespoke solution

One or more of our Licensed Partners will have already used our data to develop a solution that works for you and your business

If you require support or technical expertise from simply translating the data into your system or a more bespoke solution that uses our premium products, try contacting one of our Partners. 

Looking for utilities and telecoms services?

OS Connect offers expert consultancy and services for energy and infrastructure, telecommunications, and water sectors

Manage your assets better with OS location data to optimise telecoms network roll-out, maintain utility networks more efficiently, or simply streamline business operations.